Classes provide the space to deepen our knowledge about Jesus, his mission, and an array of other topics. We host classes that intentionally foster learning, interaction, and application. 






Basics: Groups — Sunday, October 22 — Groups are the backbone of our church. They provide Monday - Saturday spaces for people to know Jesus, belong to community, and live on purpose. In this class we will tackle the basics of Group; Why do Groups exist at Reunion, what are they, how do they function, and how can I check one out, join one, or lead one?

Basics: Diversity — Sunday, November 5th — From square one Reunion has been intentional about diversity. We still have a long way to go, but we are committed to being a diverse church. Why aim at diversity? What do we mean by diversity? What does the Scripture say about diversity? How can it, and how should it play out in our day to day lives? 

Basics: Discipleship — Sunday, November 19th — Christians from the very beginning of the Church have been called by Jesus to both be disciples and make disciples. But what does that mean, and how do we do it? This class will explore the theology and practice of discipleship to help us better see what it is and how we can do it. 

Basics: The Bible — Sunday, December 3rd — The Bible is our book. Without it we don’t know about Jesus. Therefore, we take is seriously and want others to take it seriously too. In this class we will look at the Bible’s origins and history, its diversity, its purpose, and how each of us can make it a part of our everyday rhythm. We will tackle questions such as; It is trustworthy? Who wrote it? How do I read it? Does it have relevance for my life, and our world today?