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EPHESIANS | THE GOSPEL &... // When we don’t walk in the new ethic of God’s new people we grieve the Spirit of God and hurt others. The way forward? Forgiveness.EPHESIANS | THE GOSPEL &... // Just as the Church is in union with Christ, so the wife and husband are in union together. But how do we get there? | Ephesians 5:22-33EPHESIANS | THE GOSPEL &... // Since the beginning of the Church, Christians have held a sexual ethic that made them distinct. Outsiders thought it was strange but God thought it was beautiful. We'll look at what this ethic looks like in this sermon "The Gospel & Sex" | Ephesians 5:1-6EPHESIANS | THE GOSPEL &... // As God's new society, we are to live distinctly within the economic social structures that exist.EPHESIANS | THE GOSPEL &... //  What’s it look like to be Children of Light in a world gone dark? | Ephesians 5:7-21