Blessings | by Sam Smith & Steve Patton
God the Father has blessed us with every spiritual blessing in Christ. What are those blessings, and what is to be our response to those blessings?

That We Might Know | by Sam Smith
Paul shifts gears and moves from a big picture of God's spiritual blessings to an intimate prayer for the Church to know the depths of the blessings and the God who gives them.

Showing Off | by Steve Patton
God shows off how good and kind He is by saving people. In this sermon we explore how deep God reaches to save people and see how great His grace is.

One New People | by Sam Smith
Jesus breaks down the walls of hostility between ethic groups and makes us one new society.

Ephesians Pt. 1 | by Brain McCormack
Pastor Brian McCormack from Reach Church in Kirkland joins us this week in breaking down Ephesians 3. 

Real Strength |by Steve Patton
The apostle Paul makes a big prayer for the people of God. We explore what this prayer was and what it means for us as we follow Him together.

Live as One | by Sam Smith
Being eager to maintain the unity that Jesus has won for us will require us laying aside certain preferences and walking in the fruit of the Spirit.

Unity in Diversity | by Sam Smith
We need a diversity of voices around us to equip us to reflect the fullness of Jesus.